Bottle For TestomonialsI was introduced to no buggedy last weekend. We were sitting outdoors and everybody knows how the mosquitoes are in Texas. A sweet lady brought the spray out. I was immediately impressed by the wonderful smell. Also by the lack of mosquito bites after using it. I asked Mary where she got it she gave me the information and I ordered three bottles. You will like it.
– Leona Adams – Brownwood, TX


Bottle For TestomonialsNobuggedy is great! I have allergies and I am very sensitive to insecticides. Nobuggedy worked for me and wins hands down. I don’t have to choose between a sinus infection and getting rid of pests. Also, a little goes a long way with this product too. I have purchased Nobuggedy for one of my sisters who travels frequently to use to ward off any possible bedbugs during hotel stays. Of course, I could not leave my other sister out so I made a purchase for her as well.
– Yvonne – MinyWorks


Bottle For TestomonialsI bought this amazing spray for chiggers and it was quite good. It kept them away and that is what I wanted. LOVE IT!!
– Jannie Smith – Waco, TX


Bottle For TestomonialsIt has worked AWESOME!!! NO MORE no see ums. Thank you so much !!!
– Sandi Franklin – Fort Meyers, FL

Bottle For TestomonialsWe have the response from our mower and his helper. They both applied your product in the morning before going out to mow numerous yards and lots in town. The mosquitoes have been ferocious here after the heavy rains last week. Most of the time these guys buy and use the usual commercial bug sprays that contain very strong chemicals to ward off our army of mosquitoes. They have to apply and reapply and reapply, leading to a heavy dose of these chemicals. Because they have become trained to accept that this is the only way to keep those pesky, buzzing, bothersome pests from making their outdoor jobs more miserable than they have to be. Upon returning from their full day of activities, their unanimous reaction was WOW, that stuff works great. Because of the nature of their work in a hot humid environment, they did reapply the product in much the same manner as they did before, but the difference is that they were no longer exposing themselves to the harmful carcinogens found in most commercial bug sprays.
They were satisfied with the level of protection they got from this product and will tell their fellow workers and friends about it.
– Jan Adams – Clute Parks and Recreation Department

Bottle For TestomonialsI have a couple of twin grandbabies. They were in the backyard on their swing set. The mosquitos had a field day on them. I mentioned it to my co-worker, who then introduced me to no buggedy. I gave it to my daughter who put it on the twins. She said oh wow! I like the smell. The twins played the rest of the evening with no complaints of mosquitos. I then gave it to my husband who had mentioned he was bit at work from some mosquitos.
He took the spray with him to work; and, that was the last time I saw the spray. He stated he didn’t know where it was. I then, found it hidden behind the lamp on the Livingroom end table. He refused to give it back. I then had to purchase some more. Our whole family is sold on this spray.
– Neddie Cooper – Austin, Tx

Bottle For TestomonialsHi. I live out in the country and have 4 dogs. Melissa gave me some samples to eliminate any flea problems I might have. At the time it was cold and didn’t have any fleas but had a lot of spiders in my house. I started spraying Nobuggedy in my house for spiders and they disappeared. I now have sprayed my dogs’ blankets for fleas and has helped with my flea problem now that it’s warm.
– Shelly King – Bremond, Tx

Bottle For TestomonialsHello, I normally don’t do reviews but with my fear of spiders, I definitely had to write one for NoBuggedy Bug Spray. While at my place of employment, bedbugs were in one of our training rooms. We bought NoBuggedy spray and sprayed the whole room and our clothes to make sure we didn’t take any home. The stuff worked so good that Orkin asked us to stop spraying it so they could grab one bug and test it. Another great experience with NoBuggedy was, one day I was driving home, I looked up and on the inside of my windshield, and there was a HUGE spider. I killed the spider and sprayed my whole Tahoe, since then I haven’t seen any more spiders or anything that shouldn’t be in my Tahoe!!
– Felipe Hererra – Austin, Tx

Bottle For TestomonialsNo Buggedy came online just in time for our trip to Punta Cana in April. Every review we’d read about the bugs there said they were awful. We had not one single problem! Thanks No Buggedy
– Samantha Mayne – DeWitt, MI

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